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Because we deliver better sales talent, faster.  Just listen to our clients.

We are very thankful for all of the hard work from TheLions. They’ve helped us place several high performers and diversified our team. Thank you for being an amazing hiring partner for Front!
Gwen Waichman
Recruiting Lead, Front
I had to build a brand new team from scratch, and TheLions was essential in helping me find and recruit great candidates. Everyone I hired has exceeded my expectations, and the new hires are ramping quickly.
David Hershenson
Director of Sales Development
and Productivity,
Optimizely partnered with TheLions prior to our Series A, when our CEO Dan was still leading sales. Their hiring impact spans our company's AE, and SDR teams. In fact, 5 sales hires that came from TheLions were subsequently promoted as I scaled out our team. I recommend any fast-scaling startup VP Sales or CRO to partner with TheLions to deliver high performing sales hires.
Travis Bryant
VP Sales, Optimizely
When it comes to recruiting, TheLions internalizes our culture, mission, and hiring profile. They deliver a consistent stream of highly qualified candidates, who want to be successful and will thrive in our sales system.
Justin Roberts
Vice President, Commercial Sales
& Operations, SignalFX
TheLions has consistently supplied us great talent to fill key roles in the sales organization.
Chas Scarantino
VP Sales, Pendo
When it comes to hiring sales talent, I've always thought of TheLions as the iPhone and every other recruiting shop as Android - from four years ago. Their thoughtfulness and data-driven approach brought us candidate quality leaps above every other firm we engaged, saving me tons of time and delivering reps that delivered critically greater sales performance. If you're a Founder in need of elite sales talent to drive in your first $10M in revenue, I strongly recommend TheLions.
Pete Kazanjy
Co-Founder, TalentBin
I've hired TheLions as a sales leader twice. They have great people, a thoughtful process that makes a quick impact, and refer only strong candidates which saves me valuable time. It also so happens that Lions occupied the #1 inside AE spot on our big team at TRUSTe, for several quarters. Anyone looking to hire a high-powered sales team would be wise to partner with TheLions.
Ben Sardella
Co-Founder, Datanyze
A close friend introduced me to TheLions during our early sales growth, and I'm glad he did. The first we hired turned out to be a Top 5% performer, was promoted, and stuck through our acquisition and to this day. I recommend early startups use TheLions to complement their sales hiring.
Hans Robertson
Co-Founder & COO, Meraki (acquired by Cisco)
A classmate of mine from Stanford GSB recommended that we engage TheLions to launch our sales team, and I'm glad that he did. They helped us make our first sales hire, a strong-pedigreed AE with a history of top performance who led revenue growth for us for 2+ critical years in our company's history. I highly recommend TheLions for sales hiring help to any founder or CEO.
Justin Nassirir
CEO & Founder, StoryBox

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TheLions exists exclusively to introduce elite sales talent to better job opportunities. In that mission, we have helped introduce VPs Sales, VPs Talent, and CEOs at 100s of prominent startups to their companies' best-performing sales producers and leaders.

Our founder Matt's last job was as head of sales at a prominent $30M-backed startup. He engaged countless recruiters and job boards to help grow his team, with shockingly disappointing results. Feeling someone should be as focused as he on identifying, qualifying, and meeting elite sales talent, TheLions was born.

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We exclusively work on a success (upon hire) fee, typically 20% of base salary. We also offer lower marketplace-only fees. Fill out our form to discuss with our Sales Director.